Kendall Drive for Education Scholarship – $1,000 and a new Toyota – Deadline: May 13th, 2015


During our Third Annual Drive for Education Program, Kendall of Eugene will be holding a random drawing to give away 20, $1,000 scholarships to local high school seniors, with one student winning the grand prize of a scholarship AND a BRAND NEW Toyota!

Since 2012, Kendall Auto Group has donated over $500,000 to our local public schools and education foundations. This year a portion of our commitment to education will be directed toward encouraging students to continue to excel in their senior year and move on to higher education.

How do students become eligible to win?

  • Students must be a graduating in the class of 2015
  • Students must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Students must meet their district attendance policy
  • Students must have completed a minimum of 15 service hours, during their senior year, within the local community prior to May 13th.

Grand Prize: Ownership of a BRAND NEW Toyota from Kendall, plus a $1,000 scholarship paid directly to the college or university of the student’s choice.

Runners Up:  Nineteen $1,000 scholarships will be awarded. Scholarships will be paid directly to the college or university of the student’s choice.

Contest Details: We will post applicant finalists on on June 2nd, 2015.  Application finalists must be present at the Drive for Education “drawing ceremony” on June 18th to win. At this event, the combined names of students will be presented and 20 FINAL names will be drawn for the scholarships and opportunity to win a new Toyota.

Contest Rules: All applicants must meet the eligibility criteria listed above. If your school is participating in the Kendall Drive for Education program, your application MUST be submitted to one of the following education foundations by May 13:

  • Pleasant Hill Education Foundation
  • Springfield Education Foundation
  • Eugene Education Foundation
  • Bethel Education Foundation

If your school district does not fall into one of these education foundations you must submit your application at the Kendall corporate office via mail or hand delivery to Amy Newport between May 1 and May 13

Attn: Amy Newport
1400 Executive Parkway, Suite 400
Eugene, OR 97401


All dates are subject to change, please check for updates and additional information throughout the year.

Disclaimer: I understand that this is a drawing, and I am not guaranteed to receive anything. My signature states that I have met all qualifications, and my parent/guardian has signed to allow me to be involved in the drawing.  If for some reason Kendall Auto Group, my high school or KEZI deems my entry invalid, it can be removed. If I am a recipient and my entry is deemed invalid, I realize I will have to forfeit my prize. Insurance of the vehicle awarded will be the responsibility of the winner/parents and they will be required to take possession of the vehicle.

Acceptable applicant submission will only be accepted from Kendall’s primary market areas.

The scholarship and vehicle giveaway event will be held on Thursday, June 18, 2015 at Kendall Toyota of Eugene.  Students/applicant finalists must be present to win.

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