FIRST Scholarship Program – Award Amounts and Deadlines Vary

The FIRST Scholarship Program puts FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC®) and FIRST® Robotics Competition(FRC®) participants in direct contact with colleges, universities, corporations, and associations offering hundreds of scholarship opportunities exclusively for FIRST participants. FIRST Scholarships are offered, funded, and administered by the Scholarship Providers.
Scholarships vary in value from one-time awards of $500 to full tuition for four years estimated at $160,000 and most awards are renewable annually if an acceptable academic average is maintained. Although most scholarships are merit-based, others are for a
broad range of scholastic abilities. Some are for specific majors such as engineering, math, science, computer science, or technology (60%); still others are available for any course of study (40%). The majority of scholarships are for specific colleges and universities; however, a few can be used at any school. Eligibility is different for each of the scholarships, so you will need to view each one’s criteria carefully.
See scholarship details at :
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